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Three Piece Travel Bag Set

Three Piece Travel Bag Set

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Our Three Piece Travel Bag Set  is a lovely collection of stylish deep blue bags that are great for a multitude of uses. The largest of the 3 bags is a rucksack style and has 4 zips to 4 separate compartments. It has 2 side pockets ideal for holding drinks and the main section has a neat inside pocket for extra security. It measures 46cm x 35cm and has the capacity to store approximately 35 litres.  

The middle sized bag is a messenger style bag with 2 zips. The front zipped pocket is large enough to comfortably hold a mobile phone and various other bits. The larger main zipped area can hold a variety of items. The bag itself measures 25cm x 23cm and has an adjustable strap.

The smaller bag is a pencil case type size and has a sturdy zip across the top. It features a strap to hold it around your wrist and measures 19cm x 10cm.

Material: Outer bag- Nylon. Inner- Polyester.

Colour: Deep blue

Size: Large backpack- 46cm x 35cm (approx). Medium messenger bag- 25cm x 23cm (approx). Small bag- 19cm x 10cm

Style: Travel